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Who Are We?

Maryland CURE is a state chapter of National CURE. While we support many prison ministry and advocacy groups, our mission is to work for changes in the legislative system in support of criminal justice reform.
Prisoners cannot vote, but their family members and friends can. One of the goals of all CURE chapters is to make sure that everyone knows who their legislators are and to assist them in registering to vote. No vote means no voice.
We meet quarterly and currently have three working groups
Communication: CURE newsletter, liaison son with other justice advocacy groups, Raising public awareness of prison issues

Legislative: Inmate phone situation, Legislative changes (MRJI bill affecting lifer release), Voting rights (Democracy Restoration Act), Legislative watch dogs to keep us updated

Research: Reentry information – research and prepare booklet for inmates about to be released, Sentencing guidelines, Lifers – what can we do?, Research and recommendations on Parole Hearings


Each year more than 600,000 people are released from prison. The obstacles to successful reentry are daunting and a large proportion of inmates end up returning to prison although they were adamant that they would not be the ones to return. In recognition of the human and financial toll of recidivism, there is an interest among both community advocates and public officials in prisoner reentry initiatives.

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